RMonitor Download and Configuration

The RMonitor program will let you view real-time data from our timing and scoring computer

You can download RMonitor here

After downloading and installing RMonitor you will need to configure it

Make sure that you are on the same wireless network as the RMonitor server is on. Its TMGTiming (The signal range is limited and based around race control)

Select Settings

Select Communications

Select TCP/IP radio button

Enter '' as the ip address

Enter port number as '50000'

No results are official until announced

Two layouts to get started with are Race and Practice, open in RMonitor to use them

Or create your own layout by selecting File and New Result window to configure the display that you wish to monitor

Using the Follow function (under Settings) you can select specific cars to highlight during the event

Fonts and font sizes may be changed by selecting Layout

Display columns may be rearranged by selecting the column title and dragging it

You can save your viewing configuration for repeated use